Au Fil du Bois

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Au fil du bois
Le Col de l'Oeillon
42520 Veranne
Tel: 00 33 477 515 544
Opening hours :
Weekends, bank holidays and peak season : from 2.30 pm to 7.00 pm
Weekdays and low season : by appointment only

Situated right in the heart of a mountainous nature park covered in rich forest, Au Fil du Bois offers a range of hand-crafted products of the highest quality. Mr. Joseph Rivory is a self-taught craftsman who began with wood-modelling. In 1975 he decided to try his hand at cabinetmaking and opened his own workshop and showroom where he produces hand-crafted furniture made from the finest solid wood. His pieces are made to measure and are put together using traditional methods. They can be noted for their robustness and durability as well as their respect for the natural beauty of the wood. It is the designer furniture, dining-room suites, conference tables and personalised furniture, (in particular his hi-fi stands which are designed by the customers themselves), which have given Au Fil du Bois its well-deserved reputation over the last 25 years. Our true passion for wood has driven us to experiment with other designs and, inspired by the grain or shape of the wood, he makes beautiful kitchen accessories and clocks which are true works of art. Working with oak, cherry wood, beechwood, ash, chestnut and walnut, "Au Fil Du Bois" uses only the best pieces of wood and seeks to emphasize their natural shape and beauty.

In our showroom there is a poem on the wall which sums up what wood means for us. Entitled "Forest Prayer", it says "I bring warmth to your home on cold winter nights. I am a welcome source of shade in the hot summer sun. I am the structure of your house, the table where you eat, the bed where you sleep,. the wood of your cradle".